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Chapter 1: Harmageddon

I never wanted this life for myself…

I stood at the corner of C Street and Pennington; my usual area and when each guy came out of the pub, I made sure I looked as good as sin. My hair was in a tangle of curls atop my head and my dress was clinging to all of the right curves. I didn't have to do much since I was widely known. Flash a thigh here, a seductive wink there.

Two gentlemen came out of the pub; faces red and grins plastered. Not completely drunk, but good enough for me.

"Hey, boys. Nice night huh?" I said as they passed me and I trailed my eyes slowly up to their faces from their crotches.

"Indeed it is, Ms. Korra. However, I have a wife to get back to." One guy said as he walked away, leaving me with the more brute looking one, but since he had a youthful face, I wasn't minding so much.

"I suppose I can spare an hour or two." He said smiling at me and me guiding him to an alleyway.

"I promise you won't regret anything." I said as we approached the alleyway and after looking to and fro to see if anyone was approaching, and after seeing the coast was clear, I began kissing him and after a groan, he kissed me back.

I…honestly wished he were Mako…

I then erased that thought from my mind and noticed the color of his eyes; a clear blue, just like mine and I bit my lip a little as I reached between us and unzipped his fly and dug my hand between his boxers and rubbed the –now hardened flesh-in my hands.

"What name will I be moaning tonight?" I asked as his hisses and moans were enough to fuel my need to get paid. There was this bottle of perfume I wanted and I was about $13 Yuan short from getting it.

"My name is Noatak." He said with a slight grunt as I pushed his pants down and lifted my skirt up and had a contraceptive ready. He chuckled.

"You sure are prepared, huh?" He said as I slid on the condom and gently clung to him as he gripped my waist and he gently slid inside of my heat; my body sucking him inside greedily.
Even though I was only doing this for the money…he felt really, really good. I began to slowly move my way up and down his length, careful not to let this be over before it truly had a chance to begin.

"You feel really amazing, Ms. Korra. Truly." He said as he pinned me closer to the wall and began thrusting harder and faster. My moans went up in crescendo and pace and after a moment of enjoying the pace, he'd reached between our union and began to pinch and rub small circles around my swollen clit.

Fire emerged from my fists and I screamed louder and louder.

"Shit! Fucking…oh my god…Noah!" I moaned as he continued relentlessly, unyielding and unchanging. I thought I would fucking explode.

The grunts of this man were all that kept me going. He pounded into me with copious
amounts of force, that brought both pleasure and pain and I welcomed it.

As his thrusts got faster and my moans got progressively louder, he spilled his seed with a grunt and as I came around his throbbing length with a whimper, he grinned and I chuckled.

"See I told you that you won't regret anything." He grinned.

"Indeed. How much do I owe you?" I thought about it. I do need food…as well as a new blanket.

"$40 Yuan. And I'm just being nice. Normally I'd charge $60." I said as I pulled my hair back up to a sloppy up-do and as he handed me a hearty stack of money, I counted it as only $35 Yuan. Clearly $5 Yuan short.

"Um, you're $5 short."

"Sorry, but that's all I have. Either take it or leave it. Maybe if you had that new drug everyone's been talking about, then perhaps I would've brought more money with me." He said with a harsh tone to his voice that made me glare.

"Asshole." I said as I walked away and I heard him mutter 'whore' under his breath.

I then sighed and walked the streets, playing with my fire a little, before a guy in one of the nearby alleyways called me over. Another client. Maybe I'll get my $5 Yuan from him.

"Psst! Korra!" I warily looked to both sides of the street before crossing and made my way to him.

"Look, I'm not exactly in the best of moods, so if all you want is a quick fuck, then let's just get it over with-" I said quickly lifting my skirt and pulling out a condom in one simultaneous movement.

"I don't want to have sex, I was wondering about that dealer you associate with…does he have my drugs-hey, where you going?!" I started walking away; angrier than I was before due to the fact that the asshole of the century was stealing my fucking clients away from me-my source of income and means of fucking survival.

Well, as much as anyone can survive in this shithole town. I wish I could just leave…but…if I abandon everyone here, then I'd be running away from duty.

And by me being the Avatar, I can't do that.

I walked the streets some more; walking by Hasook's, and by Bolin and Jinora having fun in a booth, and smirking. I just knew they weren't coming back to the hangout spot on time with the rest of us.

To be honest, I never wanted this life for myself…to have this unrequited love hanging over my head while everyone else around me is coupled up, to be the Avatar over here in this wasteland, while other parts of the world need my help just as much; and just using my body to please douchebags so I can get a meal…

This further made the thought that The Dealer was stealing my fucking clients so pressing and it only fueled my fury.

I stomped into the hideout, nearly knocking the door off of its hinges, and charged into the back where Mako was just done shooting someone else up with Soles. Or 'sunshine,' was the street term. They called it that because of the way it makes your vision brighter, like you're looking into the sun; which in a way was rather comforting, since there's no sunshine on this side of the bridge.

"Alright, that'll be $86 Yuan." He said with a professional tenor that would've had girls lined up to meet him, if the circumstances had been different. I also think that if circumstances had been different, him and I probably would've…

I really should stop thinking like this.

"Mako, I have to speak with you." I said with a hard voice as the customer got up with a smile and a wink at me after paying Mako's money. He then whispered that he'll see me later and I sneered at him and he chuckled and left the room after closing the door. Mako sighed and ran a hand through his hair then looked at me with those honey eyes that were hard around the edges.

"What is it this time?" I glared at him and he stood up and glared at me too.

"You're stealing all my customers. Again." He smirked and pushed past me to the various jars and syringes and chuckled.

"You should be better at your job. Then they wouldn't all have to come to me-" I angrily grabbed him and slammed him into his chair that he uses to strap people down an him and after tying him down, I held my flames close to his face.

"I don't have to better at my fucking job. You just have to stay out of my way." He glared at me more and more until I extinguished my flames and as soon as I let him go, he flipped me into the chair and tied me down.

"What the-Mako! Mako!" I yelled as he chuckled and left the room without as much as a backwards glance.

I quickly burned the straps and stomped out to the living room, past Asami and Iroh and out to the porch area where Jinora and Bolin were just coming back from the restaurant and were grinning from ear to ear.

"Have you two seen-" They both pointed up to the roof where I saw a thin trail of smoke.

"Thanks." I said as I used my airbending to propel me up to the rooftop where I saw Mako smoking a cigarette and looking through the telescope to the other side of the bridge where there was clear skies and kids playing outside.

I can tell that was the kind of life he wanted for himself. The life that Tenzin, Pema, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan had.

The life that Jinora left to be with Bolin.

My anger from earlier all but dissipated at the sight of his vulnerability.

"Sorry for earlier…about what I said. I know we're all trying to survive…to do all we can to, but…times are unimaginably tough over here and, well with everyone in competition with everyone and jobs being hard as hell to keep-and relationships even harder-I'm not sure…if I'll be able to see the other side. I want to leave and never ever look back, but I have to think about Bolin, and then Jinora, and Asami and Iroh…and then you." I looked down at my feet and then back up at where he was looking at with the clear skies and happiness.

I never wanted this life…and Mako shares that feeling.

I then walked closer to him and sat on the roof with him as we looked at the sun on the other side. It was really no wonder why his drug was more popular than me selling myself.

"It's still a pressing matter…us doing what we do just for a simple Yuan. Asami, stripping, Iroh conning people, Jinora bartending; even though she's so young…Bolin doing security jobs, me being a fucking prostitute, and you dealing Soles…we could honestly be doing so much more with our lives, rather than staying here. We could cross over-"

"I'm not risking it. People die trying to leave, and you know that."

"Yes, I do. But that doesn't mean we'll be unsuccessful when we try." He scoffed disbelievingly.

"And why's that? We have the Avatar on our side? Look, just because you're the savior of the world or whatever, doesn't mean that you can wave around your title like it means something, when to them out there it doesn't." He stood up and looked out to the sun more before walking to the ledge where the ladder was so he can get down.

"I'm done dreaming about a better world without all this shit plaguing me. There obviously isn't anything better out there, so why keep up hope?" He said as he began his decent down the ladder. I hugged my knees up to my chest and stared into the sun.

"Without hope, there's no reason for living." I said as the sun on the other side began to set, just as the clouds over here began to gather and the thunder started to roll.
In a town that is divided by a bridge; both sides are like day and night. One side violence, immorality, and abusive sexual lifestyle, while the other side is like a paradise. But when you cross that bridge there is no turning back. There are no rules, no laws, and total chaos. There is a gang that benefits from sex and violence. This is the story of those gang members, their story and dark secrets that go with them and whether or not they'll survive each other to get to the other side.

**This is my SUPER, SUPER late ass entry for Makorra week 2012, Day 2:Noir. Enjoy, and leave comments if you really like it. The encouragement really helps. :)**

Mako and Korra Byrke
bananafinsandgold Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Student Writer
I'm sorry if this made you sad, but Noir is supposed to be dark, right? I just wanted to add my personal taste to the fandom.
katnisskorramako Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Whyyyy ???!!! Why the feels !!!????
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